Stem Cells: Advancing Medical Research in Thailand [2024]

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Stem cell advancements have changed medical technology a lot. In Thailand, stem cell therapy and gene therapy are now common in medicine. The Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Research and Medical Innovation at Thammasat University started in 2014. It’s led by Prof. Dr. Sirikul Manochan.

This center has been key in sharing new knowledge and using research in real treatments. It got 40 million Thai baht in 2022 to improve its labs and research. The center is all about sharing its findings in top journals and training new researchers.

In Thailand, stem cell tech is helping with many health issues. It’s treating eye diseases, some cancers, and serious genetic conditions. This tech is also making local medicine cheaper by reducing the need for expensive imports.

This leads to better health for patients and saves money for the healthcare system. Stem cell research is also key in making new cancer treatments. It uses three-dimensional cancer cell cultures and drug tests.

Also, stem cells can make special cells to fight cancer. This shows how stem cell therapy could help in many ways in Thailand.

Key Takeaways

  • Stem cell, cell therapy, and gene therapy have seen rapid advancements in Thailand.
  • Thammasat University has been a key player with its Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Research and Medical Innovation.
  • The Clinical Excellence Center for Stem Cell and Cell Therapy is focusing on advanced technology application and development.
  • Stem cell technology is effectively treating corneal diseases, certain cancers, and severe genetic diseases in Thailand.
  • With ongoing research and educational initiatives, Thailand is positioning itself as a leader in regenerative medicine breakthroughs.

Recent Developments in Stem Cell Research in Thailand

Thailand is making big strides in stem cell research and cell therapy. It’s becoming a leader in regenerative medicine thanks to dedicated research centers. These centers are pushing the field forward.

Center of Excellence in Stem Cell Research and Medical Innovation

The Thailand Excellence Center for Tissue Engineering is a key player. Over six years, it got 21.6 million baht in funding from various sources. This money helped fund projects and led to 238 research articles, like a study on thalassemia.

The center also helped students by giving out 13.6 million baht in scholarships. This led to 27 students getting advanced degrees. It’s working on new medicine technology, including studies on organoids and stem cells.

Clinical Excellence Center for Stem Cell and Cell Therapy

The Clinical Excellence Center for Stem Cell and Cell Therapy is making big impacts. It’s working on treatments for eye diseases, cancer, and genetic conditions. Their eye therapy is being considered as a national standard.

The center uses advanced tech like high-throughput drug screening and organoid cultures for cancer therapy. A study by Bovonsunthonchai S. and colleagues showed how their work improved patient gait.

The center aims to create standard treatments for systemic sclerosis, a disease affecting many in Thailand. Their stem-cell treatments help manage immune issues and prevent early death, improving patients’ lives.

Working with clinical centers, they’re applying cell therapy on a wide scale. This ensures their work meets top international standards. It helps share knowledge and apply it in real-world settings.

Stem Cells: Applications and Benefits in Regenerative Medicine

The use of stem cell transplantation has changed how we treat many chronic diseases. The Regeneration Center in Bangkok has been a leader for over 17 years. They use strict medical standards and GMP-approved facilities for their treatments. Their MSC+ mesenchymal stem cell therapy is great for treating chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Stem cell therapy is also a big deal in tissue engineering. In 2006, Takahashi K. and Yamanaka S. made a big breakthrough. They turned adult cells into stem cells that can fix damaged tissues and organs.

Yu J. et al. in 2007 also made a big step forward. They turned human cells into cells, which could lead to new treatments for each person.

The Regeneration Center offers personalized care for many health issues. They help with the heart, lungs, kidneys, and more. Their treatments can make you look younger and help with cancer and heart problems.

They’ve seen great results in treating heart attacks and heart diseases. This has greatly improved patients’ lives.

The Center is always looking to the future. They focus on improving life quality and length. Research shows cells can help with heart issues and more.

Studies by Maumus et al. in 2013 show how stem cells can help with rheumatic diseases. This adds to the growing list of benefits from stem cells. With ongoing research, we’re learning more about how cells can help us.

Key Institutions Leading Stem Cell Advancements in Thailand

Thailand is now a top name in regenerative medicine and cell research. This is thanks to institutions that lead in medical research. They have made the country a leader in medical breakthroughs.

Thammasat University’s Initiatives

Thammasat University’s Center of Excellence in Cell Research and Medical Innovation is key to Thailand’s cell efforts. It supports groundbreaking research and trains medical experts. This makes it a key player in advancing regenerative medicine in Bangkok.

The Regeneration Center in Bangkok

The Regeneration Center in Bangkok is a leader in cell treatments and therapies. It focuses on cancer therapy and managing chronic diseases. The center shows Thailand’s dedication to regenerative medicine.

It uses research and clinical studies to offer therapies for diabetes and autism. This helps both local and international patients.

Role of the Medical Council of Thailand

The Medical Council of Thailand is vital in overseeing cell research. It ensures these practices meet strict medical standards. Their support helps bring advanced cell treatments into regular healthcare.

This council keeps the medical field in Thailand safe and effective. It strengthens the trust in the country’s regenerative medicine efforts.


Thailand is now a major player in regenerative therapies thanks to its stem cell research. Centers like the ESRI at Thammasat University and The Regeneration Center in Bangkok lead the way. They show how cell therapies can help with complex health issues. They also highlight teamwork between schools, hospitals, and regulatory groups for safe and effective treatments.

With 574k people reading important articles and 887 citations, Thailand is making big steps forward. Studies show the importance of funding, the need for more research, and the challenges like ethical issues and rejection in using cells. This ensures that new treatments are up-to-date and ethical.

Thailand is making a mark in global healthcare. Keeping an eye on new cell lines is key. By changing adult cells into pluripotent ones and finding new ways to beat tissue rejection, Thailand is pushing medical research forward. This work shows how stem cell therapies could greatly help future medical treatments, making them available to everyone.